Web Hosting Terms You Need to Be Familiar

Many of you from different parts of the world want to buy your own domain name or hosting spaces for your web content that won’t run you broke, but sometimes you may feel uncomfortable with some situations which is you are unable to understand everything. That is why it is important to know all you can about web hosting, the terms, and what you are getting. Let’s take a look at some of the things you will encounter.
We will first take a look at Domain Names

In simple words, domain name is a kind of address by which people use to find your company online. This means whatever you type into the address bar of your browser will carry you to that particular website. Without a domain name it would be difficult for us to go anywhere on the web.

Now we will take a look at IP Addresses

It is a fixed series of number which is assigned to every single computer in the world that are connected to the network. IP numbers are unique for every single computer. This is sort of like your physical home address except it is for your computer and not your home.

Domain Parking

When you purchase a domain, you may not set up a website on it right then, or you may not create the content for the site right then. You may just hold rights to the domain name and wait for a while to do anything with it. This is known as Domain Parking. You’re not really doing anything with the domain, but it is yours and no one can get it.

Understanding Uptime

The length of time that your website will be on the world wide web is the uptime of your website. Many good canadian hosting company claims that they can assure you up to 100% uptime, but in reality it sometimes gets difficult to keep the promise due to hardware and unforeseeable problem. However, some companies have a bad rep for being down more than others.

Now we will take a look at UNIX and Windows hosting..

Unix is very common and also reliable hosting these days, but in some cases windows hosting is necessary. If you want to use Microsoft Frontpage, for example, to build your website then windows hosting is necessary. However, some software does not require Windows. So, make sure you take a look at this first before making a decision between Windows and Unix.

Any time you decide to purchase hosting, you will more than likely see the above terms pop up. Having a little better understanding of these will help you in the long run.