Shopping Malls in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Like other big city there are a number of popular shopping malls in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Many carry haute couture and all of the popular trendy designer fashions, as do other cosmopolitan cities. You will also find shops however in several of the shopping malls in Buenos Aires, Argentina that carry the creations of local designers.

The Galerios Pacfico located at Cordoba Avenue and Florida Street is a beautifully designed mall that constrains exquisite artwork and murals. A visit to this Buenos Aires shopping mall is a wonderful experience not only to shop but also to enjoy the architecture of the building. Home to a ballet school and the Borges Cultural Center this is one of the most famed shopping malls in Buenos Aires, Argentina. lugares turisticos de chubut wikipedia

If you are traveling with teenagers you will definitely want to take them to one of the most youth conscious shopping malls in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and that is the Alto Palerma Mall. Located at 3253 Santa Fe Avenue, this shopping mall in Buenos Aires is where all the local teenagers hangout and shop. Here you have five floors of shops, cafes, restaurants and much more.

You won’t be able to miss the Shopping Abasto because of the exquisiteness and ornateness of the building. Labeled one of the most visited shopping malls in Buenos Aires, the Shopping Abasto was the previous home to the Abasto Market. This is a great venue for a family outing as the Shopping Abasto offers a variety of shops, eateries and entertainment for young kids. Located at 3200 Corrientes you will definitely want to visit this particular shopping mall in Buenos Aires (

If you are staying in Recoleta you have access to one of the most high-end shopping malls in Buenos Aires. The Patio Bullrich is not a huge mall but it is an exclusive shopping venue and is home to high-end designers and high couture fashion. Located at 750 Liberator Avenue, the Patio Bullrich is interesting to visit even if you don’t plan on spending a fortune just yet. There are many places to shop in Buenos Aires, but these are just a few of the shopping malls in Buenos Aires that were appealing and definitely fun to people watch.

What’s the Difference in Blocking Site Users and Deleting Site Users in Joomla?

If you are trying to decide whether to block a user or delete a site user on your Joomla site, but don’t know the difference, continue reading this guide. In this guide, I will explain the difference in blocking site users and deleting site users in Joomla. Once you have a better understanding, you can then decide which step you want to take.

Deleting Site Users in Joomla

We will start with deleting site users in curso para aprender joomla . If you delete a site user in Joomla, they are completely removed from your site. If you have users that you want completely removed from your site, forever, you would use the Delete option. Once they are deleted from your site, you cannot get them back unless you go through the Create New User option.

Blocking Site Users in Joomla

If you block a site user, that means you are blocking them from your site, but you can unblock them at any time. For example, if someone broke your site rules, you could block them for a certain amount of time. Once that time is up, you can unblock them and allow them back on your site.

So which option you should use is up to you, but you should first consider if you want to block them for a certain amount of time or do you want to completely remove them from your site.

You can block and delete users from your User Manager page in Joomla. This page can be opened by clicking the User Manager link in the Site menu. On that page, you can check the box next to users that you want to delete and click the Delete button at the top of the page. To block a user, you will need to check the box next to the user and click the Edit button at the top of the page. Then you can click Yes in the Block section. To unblock a user, you can edit the user and click the No field to unblock them.

Web Hosting Terms You Need to Be Familiar

Many of you from different parts of the world want to buy your own domain name or hosting spaces for your web content that won’t run you broke, but sometimes you may feel uncomfortable with some situations which is you are unable to understand everything. That is why it is important to know all you can about web hosting, the terms, and what you are getting. Let’s take a look at some of the things you will encounter.
We will first take a look at Domain Names

In simple words, domain name is a kind of address by which people use to find your company online. This means whatever you type into the address bar of your browser will carry you to that particular website. Without a domain name it would be difficult for us to go anywhere on the web.

Now we will take a look at IP Addresses

It is a fixed series of number which is assigned to every single computer in the world that are connected to the network. IP numbers are unique for every single computer. This is sort of like your physical home address except it is for your computer and not your home.

Domain Parking

When you purchase a domain, you may not set up a website on it right then, or you may not create the content for the site right then. You may just hold rights to the domain name and wait for a while to do anything with it. This is known as Domain Parking. You’re not really doing anything with the domain, but it is yours and no one can get it.

Understanding Uptime

The length of time that your website will be on the world wide web is the uptime of your website. Many good canadian hosting company claims that they can assure you up to 100% uptime, but in reality it sometimes gets difficult to keep the promise due to hardware and unforeseeable problem. However, some companies have a bad rep for being down more than others.

Now we will take a look at UNIX and Windows hosting..

Unix is very common and also reliable hosting these days, but in some cases windows hosting is necessary. If you want to use Microsoft Frontpage, for example, to build your website then windows hosting is necessary. However, some software does not require Windows. So, make sure you take a look at this first before making a decision between Windows and Unix.

Any time you decide to purchase hosting, you will more than likely see the above terms pop up. Having a little better understanding of these will help you in the long run.

Best WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great online marketing technique with a proven record. However, for you to succeed with this method, you need to incorporate the right tools on your website. WordPress Plugins are valuable tools that will guide you on how to develop the content you need to create the perfect blog in as many ways as possible. Including the best WordPress plugins for affiliate marketing in your website is the best way of gaining trust, building a brand and retaining customers from all around the globe. For this, you don’t need to spend an enormous amount to manage this campaign. Here is the list of the best WordPress plugins for affiliate marketing:

Ninja Affiliate

If you’re running affiliate marketing blogs, with reviews of various products and services, this plugin tool is a must have. It will manage and cloak your affiliate links to your benefit. Also, Ninja Affiliate tool can track the sources of the clicks and match up your affiliate links to keep them organized. Finally, this tool allows you to target keywords throughout the site easily. For example, if you wanted to turn every instance of “web host” into a link to your affiliate platform, you could do that with this tool.



This plugin will give you an opportunity to easily customize the form you want to display on your affiliate site. You just need to install it and start customizing slide in, footer bar, a light box, etc. The reason behind its popularity is its exit intent pop-up. This pop-up helps to catch the attention of customers and ask them for subscribing to your mailing list before they leave your website.


Another excellent plugin offer by WordPress is LeadPages; it allows you to create custom landing pages for your website by using templates and joining them to your affiliate marketing list. Moreover, it also offers various modules that let you create custom opt-ins that enable the visitor to subscribe to your list directly.

Attention Grabber Plugin

This is one of the most useful ways to attract the attention of your visitor toward your affiliate marketing subscription when they visit your site. The best part of this platform is that it offers numerous features to you and also gives you an opportunity to track sign-ups on your website quickly.


All In One SEO Pack

This plug-in allows you to input a whole range of SEO options into your posts or pages which will enable you to rank higher in the search engine listings. You can target specific keywords and metadata and add descriptions to posts and pages.


WordPress may be one of the best blogging platforms on the planet, but it’s also open source, which means that you can always make it better. Take advantage of these full array of tools to make the best from affiliate marketing efforts. But also remember that it is very important that you choose wordpress hosting, as server performance depend your sites and your plugins.

Best Web Hosting Mexico 2017

Are you looking for Las Mejores Empresas de Hosting en Mexico to take your business to the next level? Do you want to enjoy the benefits of technical support and advanced web security? If yes then you are in the right place. This article reviews the top three Mexico web hosts based on; plan features, performance, price and even the after-sale services. Additionally, the list is based on customer’s reviews and our experience. How good are these companies? Browse on;

1. Pueblahost

Hosting Premium en Mexico de alta calidad para páginas webs exigentesThe Pueblahost is one of the best web-hosting companies in Mexico with well-established and dedicated servers. It is serving more than 300,000 websites currently. The company allows you to host unlimited websites at the lowest price. Moreover, you can take advantage of the promotional link to cut down the cost further.

What does Pueblahost offer? Free website transfer, a lifetime free domain, unlimited email accounts and unlimited databases just to mention a few. With eight years of experience, you can ban on it without fear.

2. DigitalServer

If you are looking for a developer-friendly web hosting company, look no further. Thehosting-mexico-2017 DigitalServer is the best choice for you. It features all versions of Php, MySQL, Python, and Perl. This means that all your requirements are fully catered for. It has very high performing servers as well as reliable professional technical support. Just like the PueblaHost, DigitalServer offers promotional links and discounts on their services to ensure that you don’t overspend.

3. Hostinger Mexico

At the bottom of our list is the Hostinger Mexico Company. This web-hosting company is ideal for small businesses or individuals who want to rank better in search engine results. It offers free site builders, free domain names, free marketing credits, among many others. Their dedicated servers give you the reason to trust this company.

Final verdict

It goes without saying that the three Mexico web-hosting companies reviewed in this article can help you build a website of your dreams with least money, work and hassle. Try them!

NORD VPN for American Netflix Review

In a world full of technological geniuses, there have been various issues and concerns arising about the privacy invasion in our devices and online. Most people have had private information and documents attained by strangers just by the click of a button. This is why virtual private networks (VPN) have been created. Nord VPN for American Netflix is among one of the best service providers in the world as the company does not keep logs nor monitor traffic which makes it safer for customers to use as hacking becomes harder.


Nord VPN for American Netflix Review

The Nord VPN has different price packaging, 8euros a month for the simple pricing which us just for a month. There is the classic pricing that goes for a duration of three months for 16euros making it worth 5.30euros every month, there is also the standard pricing for six months priced at 30euros and payment can be made monthly for an 5euros and finally there is the best offer pricing for twelve months for 48euros and monthly payment comes to 4euros. From the above the twelve month price is the best as one can save a lot of money in the monthly installments. After installation, there is a three day money back guarantee if it does not work and a three day free trial period.


VPN for American Netflix

The company has an extensive list of servers estimated to 100 servers in 16 countries including France, United Kingdom, United States, Germany and Netherlands among others. It supports window, iOS, Android, OS X, Mac, Linux and windows phone. And can also run on a router. The protocols it offers include, PPTP, L2TP/ IPsec and open VPN. Nord VPN for US Netflix is the client software for windows and OS X. The sever can support two devices and uses double encryption to heighten security through use of AES-256 CBS cipher and TOR network, which this double encryption is only available in open VPN protocol. The Nord VPN American Netflix is a very simple software to use and can be recommended for people who are beginners to the VPN.

Best VPN Canada: TorGuard VPN 2016

vpn in canadaTorGuard VPN Canada is a very secure outfit that is dedicated exclusively towards providing anonymity to the internet users while using BitTorrent to share files. The company offers a Strong VPN set for the security-minded online users and doesn’t put any tabs on the internet usage as well as
the information about email addresses and IP of the users. It’s relatively a brand new player in the VPN business and it manages to provide a fast and also secure Get the Fastest Canadian VPN Service in a robust and enterprise-like manner.

Main features of TorGuard in Canada

This program has managed to become very popular in the industry of VPN services Canada. The company provides a great deal of secure as well as over-the-edge VPN features that makes your web connection fully anonymous, and still offers secure internet access via multiple servers that are located in eight different countries.

In addition, the company allows P2P and also torrent traffic on all its servers, excluding those located in the UK, US, and New Zealand. The following features set TorGuard apart from other programs.

best vpn canada

  • Amazingly-priced packages
  • No internet connection logs needed and complete anonymity on the VPN usage
  • Supports P2P as well as Torrents on its global servers
  • Availability of a number of torrent-friendly VPNs and proxy
  • Full DNS leak protection so as to protect the actual IP address from being exposed online
  • Availability of PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN protocols
  • Unlimited speed and also bandwidth via more than thirty servers that are located across eight nations.


  • Anonymous Email service
  • Anonymous BitTorrent Proxy
  • Zero log policy
  • Seven days refund policy
  • Recommended servers for P2P/Torrenting
  • Stealth server for the firewall breaching
  • L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, OpenVPN, SSTP and IKEv2


  • Complicated website navigation and
  • No free trial offered

If you wish to achieve complete privacy and also control over your internet access, then you should go for TorGuard.

PureVPN Review 2015

If you have been looking for a secure and reliable internet connections, then PureVPN is the best option for you. It is worth noting that the Hong Kong based PureVPN is a top leading web proxy that is popular for providing the best services at an affordable price. It offers a variety of services, including remarkable customer support, unit split tunneling feature for VPN Service connections among other services.


PureVPN Review

Finding the right Virtual Private Network can be a daunting task that calls for your patience and time. This is because there are several options to choose from. The use of private networks is on the rise due to increased prevalence of internet security attacks and threats from cybercriminals. As a result, it is essential to look for a service provider that meet your needs and budget.

Here is the PureVPN review:

Key Features

PureVPN has wide range of features, including Internet Kill Switch, SmaRT DNS, Split Tunneling, Stealth VPN Browser, DDoS Protection, support as well as NAT Firewall.

Smart DNS

Smart DNS plays an important role in ensuring that users enjoy fast streaming service. This feature can unblock a wide range of content media such as BBC iPlayer, HBO, ABC Family and more.


Split Tunneling

This is one of the features that make PureVPN stand out among other options. It offers you the ability to choose particular programs that you will access through a Virtual Private Network connection, whereas everything else make use of your standard network connection.


It also offers both help and support options via the proxy app. In addition, the site has a helpful frequently asked questions section, but if you do not get help there, you can submit a support email or even start a live chat session. The live chat service is available throughout the day.
PureVPN uses a strong security features in order to make sure that you are protected against hackers. With 128-bit encryption, you cannot be tracked by Internet Service Provider.